The Future of Entertainment Industry Turns Immersive with the Influence of Mixed Reality

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, July 26, 2019

The Future of Entertainment Industry Turns Immersive with the Influence of Mixed Reality

The next big thing for the entertainment industry is a mixed reality, making it possible for users to get entirely immersed in the world of amusement.

FREMONT, CA: It is not a surprise that the first thing that comes to mind after hearing the words mixed reality is the entertainment industry. Entertainment is usually associated with immersion and bringing impossible to life, thus making people forget about the fact. Mixed reality offers the same, but with massive technological aid, stimulating environment, and graphic that often look better than the reality.

•    VR Cinema

If there is a new technology out there in the market, cinemas are always the first ones to try it out. And it was not any different with mixed reality. Cinemas already carry an immersive atmosphere around them, wanting the audience to get lost in a different world with the help of reality technologies. The first instance of which was introducing 3D films which allowed the audience to actively, and physically, experience the environment from the screen.

•    Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are another treat for people who love to escape reality. They have been working with a stimulation technology to enhance the experience and create stimulation rooms for visitors. Apart from wearing the visible head-mounted displays, they provide HD screens, excellent sound system, and motorized seats to encourage the adventure.  Virtual reality-driven rides can enhance the riding experience and give a genuine sense of speed and wind gusts.

•    Augmented Reality-TV

From HD to 3D and 5k resolution television sets, manufacturers continuously strive to introduce a lot of things to give customers. The possibilities are fascinating and could involve entirely new narrating capabilities. Viewers can experience their favorite shows from every single angle and react to whatever is happening on the screen.

The entertainment industry has always been the first to embrace new technologies that will help in bringing more customers on board. It has become real in the case of mixed reality too!