Television Reinventions Surfing the Next Wave of Entertainment!

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Television Reinventions Surfing the Next Wave of Entertainment!

Don't you miss the time when you would sit together in front of the TV, with your family,  and watch shows? With a few newer transformations, TV can get its popularity back in no time!   

FREMONT, CA: Fighting with siblings over the remote or 6 to 7 cartoon shows are the best part of our lives, isn't it? Video on-streaming demand has increased in an unprecedented way. The broadcasting industry needs a new vision, an original path, and some new tools to stay relevant. Reinventing TV in the age of attention deficit, fuelled by a billion choices is more of a necessity now. The broadcasting industry is one of the most traditional media industries, next to newspapers. Viewers can now sit with their smart devices to view shows as per their preferences in separate rooms. It is a myth to believe that a billion crowdsourced videos on the internet or a billion hashtagged views on twitter are making society better. Organizations today are beginning to anticipate and adapt to changes around them to survive in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world. There are many ways how television can retain its position strenuously.

• Content Curation               

Innovative and unique content can hold people in their seats for long periods. Content that can emotionally engage and connect has a more meaningful social impact and advantages. The TV is one of the few mediums that can provide emotional satisfaction for spending long yet significant time. As TV today is far from fulfilling its true potential, the content has to be researched thoroughly to maximize advantage over target audiences. With the informed content design, accurate targeting, and data-driven administration, TV content has the potential to reach more extensive audiences.

• Personalization is the Key

TV personalization is the only answer to increase viewership. With the latest technological advancements, customization is now attainable, and the broadcasting industry has now realized that its adaption is necessary. The tremendous potential for granularity in this strategy will benefit marketers, consumers, and content providers alike.

• Developing Millennial Talent

In an era where the shelf-life is also reducing, the talent management framework is supporting comprehensive ability development. Today's world is millennial-driven, and the broadcasting industry should adapt the transformation according to it. Millennials want every work done to be seamless and hassle-free. The television industry has to create shows with sound effect to draw the millennial audience. It should be informative and entertaining at the same time.

• Embracing Novel Technologies

The TV industry has been striving to bridge the gap between traditional TV and digital channels. The era of unconventional TV means that TV and digital are no longer mutually exclusive. Advanced TV is the best of both worlds as it provides enhanced data and technology that facilitates the TV to regain its legitimate position in the marketing ecosystem. It helps traditional TV to grow and stay relevant.

The TV is awash in lookalike programs that sprang from once-fresh modifications. The television industry has stayed relevant amid the series of transformation. The TV is one of the few tools that can provide emotional fulfillment for spending long yet meaningful time. It is a vital social function, at a cost that is so very affordable. So instead of impersonating other forms of media, TV has to hold its forte and modify itself. The broadcast industry has very subtly surfed cultural and technological waves by embracing every change. Television is here is stay as traditional broadcasters will continue to exert a magnetic attraction on viewers who are enthusiastic to see locally produced live TV.