Technology Reshapes the Future of Media & Entertainment!

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 03, 2019

The entertainment sector is revolutionizing the user lifestyle, and technology is the fuel that helps the industry reach greater heights.

FREMONT, CA: The Entertainment industry is a sunrise sector for the economy and is producing high growth strides. The industry is on the angle of an active phase of growth, backed by rising consumer demand and improving advertising revenues.  The industry has been primarily driven by expanding digitization and higher internet usage. The internet has practically become a mainstream media for entertainment for most people. With the growth in technology, entertainment industries continue transforming for customers. Cable networks are still popular, but customers are supplementing that with live streaming pay-for-services video providers.  

Technological advancements in entertainment have been astounding. Consumers are forming carious different engagement models with the new-age models based on their interests. Customers now have the option to get and pay for only what they desire in the way of entertainment. Consumers are effortlessly moving into a world where they engage with various screens and look for convergence of their communications based on their social and personal requirement states. Technologies are impacting the entertainment industry in content, revenue framework, and style of audience engagement. 

Content has a global audience, and language now is just an enabler in the storytelling process. Content-creators are excited about creating new content and stories for multiple screens that consumers have embraced. The possibilities that technology enables to understand a customer and have real-time feedback is what a content creator has always wanted. The industry is on the angle of creating varied experiences from story-driven content to significant spectacularly rendered narratives to experience-driven entertainment. Undoubtedly the technology will prove to be the building blocks of entertainment designed for the future.

Reaching to the mass audiences is a challenge. Content creators are aligning with significant labels and agreeing to unfair compensation or resign themselves to a life in the shadows. The power of the internet, linked with blockchain technology, has transformed all that by tackling the problem of the proprietary nature displayed by distributors and institutions over their content databases. Engaging with the customer should be given the utmost importance because everybody loves attention after all. With the latest technologies, consumers get notified about which shows are most watchable according to their taste.