Tapping into Novel Media and Entertainment Opportunities with IoT

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The media and entertainment industry is evolving with IoT revolutionizing its operational dynamics.

FREMONT, CA: The media and entertainment business has evolved at a remarkable rate. As the sectors develop, emerging technologies are helping them grow as well. Among the emerging technologies, IoT is one such technology that is helping the M&E industry grow. IoT continues to rise as the number of interconnected devices keeps on growing. The goal is to make these devices communicate cohesively to create a connected world that enables communication between devices to exchange data and perform operations without human assistance. While the IoT still in the primitive stages of development, the M&E industry has many of the digital building blocks in position to make it a reality. Big publishers and broadcasters have switched to digital business models and have the network and IT infrastructure to support high-speed transmission, modern formats, and multichannel distribution. The expanding percentage of media and entertainment content is consumed on digital and mobile devices as the number of industry-related IoT connections is rising.

IoT integrates connectivity with sensors, devices, and people that facilitate a free-flowing conversion between man and machine, software, and hardware. With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), enabling devices to respond, react, and enhance into the physical world in the same way is easier as the internet currently uses networks and computer screens to improve the information world. The current development in IoT, focussing on industrial opportunities, open up new, special experiences for M&E users. The growing sophistication of these sensors embedded in technology makes it feasible for devices to read, gauge, and understand users at unprecedented levels. Sensors measure physical inputs and modify them into raw data, which is digitally storable for analysis and access. All types of M&E enterprises will benefit from the IoT, including publishers, and broadcasters being ahead of the curve. Many can accumulate various forms of data location, behavioral, consumer-preference, and demographics among them from a variety of devices and systems.

The use of sensors within IoT devices like wearables, touches from phones, and command recognition will be the most critical data unbarring potential, and this is driving the change among the marketers. The burgeoning sophistication of the media and entertainment solutions makes it feasible for devices to gauge, read, and understand consumers. Smart sensors take physical inputs and transform them into raw data, which is digitally stored for access and analysis. The IoT is gaining the attention of gigantic proportion, and the entertainment industry is not an anomaly. Past few years have testified the growth of high level and taken a ballistic form. It is unquestionably not a technology fad, rather will stay here for years to come. This makes it imperative to partner with an IoT solutions business for effective implementation of this emerging technology. The number of connected devices keeps on expanding; the wave of IoT is shaping different industries. One sector that is witnessing accelerated change due to the implementation of the IoT is the entertainment sector.

Entertainment technology solutions intensify media companies' potential to deliver content to connected objects and to collect, transfer, and monetize data in the IoT value chain in the consumer domain. The entertainment business has witnessed comprehensive transformation in the past decade, with the accelerated transition from scheduled TV series in the 2000s to rapid growth in the number of video-on-demand services and live to stream recently. Consumers are gaining more power over what they watch, and on the other hands, creators now have access to a sea of information more insight into what the audience needs.

Technology is an essential part of human lives. The IoT has redefined every perspective of the lives providing an experience of unimaginable technology in sci-fi movies. It is vital to understand the functioning of the entertainment industry. A lot depends on advertisements, and without ads, entertainment channels would fade out. The IoT is creating a sea of possibilities for the entertainment industry. With the IoT, entertainment organizations can collect, analyze, and measure data to place their advertisement in front of target audiences.