Speed- Checked, Quality-Checked Entertainment- High-Tech Norm for Today's Video Viewing Era!

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Once an idea, the online video streaming today is not just customers’ demand but a necessity for the creators to cope with the rising competition.  

FREMONT, CA: The wide acceptance of technology has boosted the video consumptions techniques and traditional ways, offering innovative products and services to the complex challenges in the media and entertainment industry. Viewing video contents from an idiot box to the cloud-based platforms create a personalized experience. Today, the media and entertainment sector taking significant benefits of cloud-based video streaming facilities as a communication and marketing tools. Creating a high-quality on-demand service, the solution provides a single platform for all types of devices and satisfies viewing demands at a higher level. Today, the video content providers are shifting to a cloud services platform, which helps improve their margins and subscription experiences.  

  • Anywhere, Anytime

The ultimate result of the cloud-based approach is the flexibility of accessing online video contents from any device and at any time. The on-demand content delivery through a single platform, optimized for all devices leads to a significant event for both the customers and the production houses.  The online channel offers much broader terms of packaged sports, movies, series, documentaries, information, and many more, targeting a more extensive array of video devices. For organizations, the cloud service platform allows to reach the right audiences and improving the range of distribution level.

  • High in Quality

Cloud's delivery chain that moves the video to a user's device or screen consist of a linked network of pieces, controlled or owned by the video manufacturers. The unique access by individuals of the team of content creators, broadcasters, cables companies, internet providers, and display manufacturers improve the video performance at the end-users display device. The efforts and ability to work simultaneously in the cloud allow creating a single quality metric that begins and ends with the viewer's satisfaction, achieving high video quality. Video content service providers highly benefit with the cloud's network analysis facilities, which provide a layer of insight regarding the impact of transport on video quality across different clients. The high streaming ability with minimum delays and downtime achieve the expectations of both viewers and creators.

  • Great Content Hub

Cloud-based video service allows the content to find the right customers, rather than a user searching for videos. Features of intuitive search through voice recognition help users to discover new contents in natural and seamless ways. Smart analysis and tracking system personalize the viewer's account, according to the user history and preferences. High-quality Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) increases the speed of delivery and reduces the business complexity and cost, as the cloud integration eliminates the hardware maintaining hardware, but it manages the online infrastructure. The dispersed and redundant architectures provided by the cloud support high availability and performance SLAs, like multi-region, multi-cloud, and hybrid deployments.

  • Protection of Cloud Security

In the world full of online services, including every video platform, the investors for relevant industry bid for high-value to secure and protect. Deployment of a cloud-based system ensures business security and enables the distribution of premium content safely and effectively. Cloud allows the creators to access a consistent approach across all channels and devices with seamless protection for their video delivery chain.

While the customer demands are constantly raising and changing, the video providers are increasingly embracing the advantages of cloud video services platforms. Cloud undoubtedly powers the media and entertainment industries to deliver new services quickly and effectively, and improve their margins of the subscriber as well as experiences. Recently, the rise in the variations of delivery techniques and quality measures have significantly transformed and expected to showcase more revolutionized era in the very industry.