Software Updates for Increased Flexibility in iAM-Mix 8 And iAM-Mix-16

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Software Updates for Increased Flexibility in iAM-Mix 8 And iAM-Mix-16

Updates released for the recently launched loudness and phase monitoring systems.

FREMONT, CA: Around the 1990s, the SDI was first introduced. The technology was sufficient to allow broadcasters to obtain the results necessary. During that time, the IP systems could only pass 1 to 10 Mbit/s and weren’t capable of meeting the industry’s requirements. An IP infrastructure that supports ST-2022-6 and/or ST-2110 then started to provide the technical agility without the necessity of ‘Fork-lift’ infrastructure changes. 

At present, The IP monitors now play a crucial part in the audio broadcasting network. The IP infrastructure is utilized by ever media and entertainment platform and has been evolving into the epitome of efficiency. One of the renowned solution providers is Wohler Technologies. A provider of video, audio and data monitoring solutions, who released brand new features for its iAM Series of IP monitors.

The release is a follow-up for the loudness and phase monitoring for the iAM-Audio products that the company released recently. Wohler announces that the updated features for the iAM-video-2 software also include theses additional updates. The new units will be shipped with the loudness, and phase monitoring upgrades pre-installed, and the existing users can avail the same by downloading the software.

The loudness can be modified to monitor in both LUFS and LKFS scales. It complies with the relevant ITU BS and EBU standards. The user will have access to the menu for various settings, including ALARMS, LRA, and MANUAL or AUTO run modes. Additionally, the web GUI allows remote monitoring of loudness and metering parameters for a selected program.

The availability of the new release for the current model iAM-Mix 8 and iAM-Mix-16 covers features for the units to accept simultaneous multi-label updates, either via single or multi-part messaging. The latest iAm-Mix software allows label updates with a set of Rest-API’s for easy integration with different third party routers.

With more than 30 years of creating first in-rack audio monitoring products, Wohler Technologies has transformed the industry. The company is focused on cost-effective solutions that confirm dependable signal monitoring and correction in IP and baseband formats.