See How Playing Golf Gets More Scintillating

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, January 10, 2020

See How Playing Golf Gets More Scintillating

Tech-driven entertainment takes a leap by redefining the golf-playing experience.    

Raleigh: Drive Shack, an entertainment company, has inaugurated its 65,000-square-foot gaming facility in Raleigh. Transforming the traditional concept of playing golf, the company offers more than merely tech-forward golf. Drive Shack has added 300-plus television sets for customers for latest sporting events, a rooftop patio, and retro arcade games with an incredible view. Drive Shack utilizes TrackMan™ Range Doppler radar-based technology, which powers an immersive augmented reality golfing experience for players. The high-tech facility features 96 hitting bays, with a 200-plus yard range, an outdoor lounge, a full-service restaurant and bar, and two fully-equipped meeting and event rooms for parties. The technology infrastructure supports a range of highly sophisticated AR experience for the players.            

Drive Shack aims to bring the best experience for the players in golf and gaming technology. It utilizes a Doppler radar-based system with multiple radars, providing tracking of the unparalleled precision ball and feedback in real-time. Both golfers and non-golfers are bound to have fun taking a swing at one of Drive Shack's proprietary interactive games. Players, by hitting virtual targets in games, can earn points. Passionate golfers too can practice their shots virtually on the celebrated courses around the world. They also get feedback on their swing with Pro Practice that will track the distance, spin, and speed of the ball.

Drive Shack is the owner and administrator of golf-related leisure and entertainment businesses. The company is expanding a network of innovative golf entertainment venues nationwide. Its venue features expansive, climate-controlled, private driving bays with lounge seating. The company also provides augmented reality range games and virtual course play; a full-service restaurant and bar; and retro arcade games. The high-tech facility enables the player to experience golf virtually on a variety of courses around the world. Believing that no matter how serious golf gets, Drive Shack aims at crafting quality time and memories with friends and family that could be cherished ever after.