Running an Online Gaming Service? See How CDN Can Make All the Difference!

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 21, 2019

CDN for gaming expands server capacity and reduces the game's risk of crashing, thereby enhancing the player experience while downloading and updating.    

FREEMONT, CA: The gaming industry is now seeing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) as the shortest possible way between a user and the provider. Online game developers know very well how challenging it is to deliver content and patches to players across the globe consistently. Be it an easy and straightforward puzzle or advanced games, resources and maintenance remain utmost important. While technologies are facilitating innovation in gaming, rate of download is also increasing exponentially. This creates new challenges for game developers and providers as they cannot handle increased traffic loads and reduce the time of content delivery. The CDN system helps game companies to overcome the challenges in delivering online games, and it helps to improve the speed and performance of game downloads, updates, and patches.

As new technologies are entering the market, the size of game downloads is exponentially increasing. The technology advancements are improving the gaming experience but are hurting the pre-gaming experience, which includes downloading the game and its subsequent updates. It is making gamers wait for hours to download content causing a bad user experience. As the revenue of the majority of online games is directly depended on in-game purchases, upgrading the performance, and the patches are so necessary for the providers to the overall success and profitability. CDN can solve this problem by leveraging content catching and by giving providers the ability to deliver core downloads and patches to gamers. With which download failures and crashes are eliminated, which ultimately improves the pre-gaming experience.  

Games can rack up in size rapidly, and it is essential to choose CDN that offers flexible pricing. Pay as you go options are available for the developer to pay for only what they use, which allows them to scale their CDN requirements as the game proliferates. Besides all these defending against attacks are most important for game developers as the game becomes more popular. A CDN that is optimized for gaming can save consoles and gamers from attacks as they address problems as quickly as possible and helping game developers and brands stay relevant in the increasingly competitive market.

Compared to other applications, online games demand a lot of player input, and any lag can completely ruin the gaming experience meaning that the user experience as a whole. Therefore choosing a CDN with high performance ensures players satisfaction. As online games grow in popularity, traffic can slow down, and game developers cannot do anything of it because they have limited control over individual players' connection speed. Delivering massive files as fast as possible is the first step in ensuring player satisfaction. Utilizing CDN provides that each gamer gets starts as quickly as their connection allows. A right gaming CDN knows how to deliver content most effectively to players in all regions. Having servers distributed across the world helps the load balancing so that the gaming performance does not suffer.

The deployment and management of servers are costly, and on top of that, the hardware investment and finding experts to build and manage the infrastructure is a demanding task. Allocating resources for all these often requires a lot of work which can cost both money and time. Using CDN for gaming avoids all these pain points. It has servers all around the world, and it can take care of scaling issues instantly. Hence, capitalizing money of CDN is the most cost-benefit thing a gamer can do. A right CDN for gaming will be ready to handle large request surges.

With all these, future games may be judged by how quickly gamers can start playing them rather than better graphics and pixels offered. Therefore, CDN will continue to play an increasingly essential role in the success of online gaming.

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