Pronology's StreamFile Core Enterprise Tool to Receive IP Video Protocols and Encode into Editor-Friendly Formats

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, October 27, 2021

StreamFile Core Enterprise is available from Pronology.

FREMONT, CA: Broadcasting consists of distributing video and audio content via a range of platforms. Broadcasting businesses often develop their material or acquire the rights to broadcast local and national programming such as news, music, talk programs, movies, and commercials. Pronology, a creator of cutting-edge broadcast workflow solutions, has come up with the availability of StreamFile Core Enterprise, a cross-platform web-based software tool optimized for large teams. StreamFile Core Enterprise is a software application that accepts IP video protocols and converts them to editor-friendly formats like ProRes, DNx, XDCam, and H.264. It supports both NewTek NDI® and Haivison SRT, enhancing IP and streaming capabilities.

StreamFile Core Enterprise supports an infinite number of record channels with channel-based licensing based on hardware performance. StreamFile Core enables the transition to remote production by supporting both on-premises and cloud deployments via Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud providers.

“We are excited to offer an enterprise version of our StreamFile Core application as a platform,” says Jonathan Aroesty, president of Pronology, regarding the solution. “With its AWS capabilities, large production teams can truly collaborate and optimize their remote production workflows.”

StreamFileCoreEnterprise was developed using the same technology as Pronology's award-winning mRes™encoder. It enables facilities and studios migrating to an IP-based platform to continue using their existing non-linear editing, graphics, and digital system infrastructures. StreamFile Core Enterprise is a software solution that bridges the divide between IP-based video technologies and older baseband recording operations.

The web-based platform supports a variety of codecs, including ProRes and DNx recording using both.mxfand.movwrappers. This enables customers working from home, on location, or from any location to convert their NDI or SRT streams into editable files compatible with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro.

Along with configurable and robust record setups, StreamFile Core Enterprise includes a cross-platform IP stream multi-viewer that is browser-agnostic. This capability enables excellent flexibility in multi-view template design and user-defined display customizations that may be readily shared across large production teams. All StreamFile Core Enterprise capabilities are secured and managed using granular user credentials defined by the administrator. It provides multiple user authorization levels, including operator, production supervisor, and producer, enabling users to access a variety of functionalities based on their user responsibilities.