Pixel Film Add Colors to Frames with ProScrub for FCPX

ALISO VIEJO, CA: Pixel Film Studios, a provider of visual effects tools for the post-production and Final Cut Pro X Plugin has unveiled ProScrub for FCPX. The automated tool allows its users to easily create back and forth, flicker, repeat and custom speed effects without the use of keyframes.

 The exclusive ProScrub plugin deploys its powerful sliders to determine the number of frames affected and the speed of the effect. The tool perfectly complements energetic video productions where users can now scrub back and forth between two points to create a fast-forward and rewind effect with the "Back & Forth" preset. 

Customers can exploit its flicker and “repeat” effect to endlessly jump between frames and loop a segment of any video clip respectively. With the presets effect, which comes with a frame blending option helps to smooth the look of a given effect over the duration of the video clip it is applied to. Another feature “Frame Blending” checkbox inspector window and toggle keyword gives a more blended look.

ProScrub is well integrated into FCPX, for which users have to just compound the video clip, and then apply a ProScrub preset to the clip and adjust the “Frames Affected” slider for determining the number of frames to be affected. It further utilizes the speed slider to increase the speed of the effect over the duration of a video clip.

The custom speed tool allows FCPX users to alter the timing of video clips to match the curvature of a speed graph. It has also got on-screen controllability to manipulate the curvature and change the speed of any video clip in FCPX.

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