Pixagility Uses Mediaproxy's LogServer for Video and Advertisement Extraction

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, September 13, 2021

Pixagility uses Mediaproxy's LogServer to deliver specialized services to its clients, including video and advertisement extraction.

FREMONT, CA: Pixagility, a French video platform operator, has purchased Mediaproxy's LogServer monitoring and logging solution. Pixagility uses various streams to deliver specialized services to its clients, including video and advertisement extraction.

Pixagility's headquarters and one of two teleports are located in Boulogne-Billancourt, around 8 kilometers from Paris. Its other teleport is in Ivory Coast, and both facilities broadcast over 700 channels. In addition to Madrid, Brussels, London, Toronto, Miami, Johannesburg, and Sydney, the corporation maintains offices in Madrid, Brussels, London, Toronto, Miami, Johannesburg, and Sydney. It offers various services to big clients such as Canal+, Golden Network, France TV, RMCSport, beIn Sports, and NBCUniversal, including editorial, capture, preparation, animation, broadcast, monitoring, and delivery.

Pixagility has been using Mediaproxy's LogServer for three years and is now a decade old. It works with over 38 streams passing through LogServer on a daily basis, collaborating with Paris-based data centers managed by Zayo, Interxion, and KDDI Telehouse. On a private metropolitan network, these are all connected to Pixagility's headquarters.

Michael Benhamou, Pixagility's technical director, explains that LogServer is used for two primary objectives. The first is to extract video snippets from streams in order to create replay files for a large telecommunications company, IPTV services, and some OTT platforms. The second is for extracting advertising from video streams for analysis and evidence of broadcast by a huge international marketing firm.

"The TSoIP [Transport Stream over IP] version of Mediaproxy LogServer covers all our requirements for creating replay files in a short space of time," comments Benhamou. "Mediaproxy is represented in France by a very experienced company, Visionetics, and they quickly understood our needs and helped us during the deployment of the equipment."

 Erik Otto, chief executive of Mediaproxy, added, "We are very pleased to have a respected, international operator such as Pixagility among our ever-growing list of clients. They are using LogServer in some very specialized and specific ways, which demonstrates the flexibility and feature set of our platform."