Performance DAM: Key to Unified Customer Experience

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, June 13, 2019

FREMONT, CA: A Digital Asset Management software (DAM) accelerates the capacity to find assets, generate new formats, and get out-of-the-door new campaigns. This implies that marketing and creative teams can react rapidly to evolving client requirements and market trends, maintaining the brand fresh and up-to-date while taking advantage of possibilities as they emerge. Typical use cases for a DAM in many of these businesses require storing property that can be used on a corporate website, in internal business communications, or marketing campaigns.

In some instances, departmental DAM solutions are not fully connected to a Content Management System (CMS) to push media out to the suitable web pages and are only used to store media and move them manually to other apps. While this sort of departmental DAM installation may be appropriate for organizations with restricted apps and use cases, it will not be able to handle the millions of digital assets that businesses are using around the globe in gruelling business-grade apps. Many DAMs call themselves enterprise-ready with a range of characteristics and support services aimed at worldwide enterprise organizations, few on the market can be called 'performance' DAMs, which can be performed on a scale by supporting millions of huge investments in a challenging worldwide environment. With such DAM results in play, the DAM of the organization can shift from a departmental solution to serve as a global supply chain for digital media to feed the entire customer experience.

There are several vital elements to performance DAMs that vary from the conventional departmental DAM solution. A performance DAM is designed to handle the movement, processing and storage of millions of huge media files and then offer them at the right time to the right customer through relevant marketing solutions. Enterprise-grade DAMs have extra features to guarantee that they meet the businesses' increasing requirements. Typically, the additional functionality includes characteristics that enable streamlining processes to get campaigns into and out of marketing and their supporting resources as rapidly as possible. Enterprise DAMs solutions also deliver localization characteristics such as support for various languages and thousands of concurrent customers.

Performance DAMs not only can manage millions of huge assets out of the box but also have flexibility in their software procedures and workflows that enable DAM procedures to be tuned and aligned with other organization and agency partners.