Next-Gen Artist Tools Connecting Fans with Artists

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, January 06, 2020

Next-Gen Artist Tools Connecting Fans with Artists

A new suite of artist tools is helping fans connect with their favorite artists with a virtual meet-and-greet by paying a premium price.

FREMONT, CA: FIX has launched Next-Gen Artist Tools, which is a new suite to provide artists with new revenue opportunities, ways to connect with their fans, and insights. The company claims that these features can't be found anywhere else. FIX 'Artist Sessions' is a virtual meet-and-greet for artists to run a live video stream with fans. Fans can line up to have a 1-on-1 video call with the artist via the Next-Gen Artist Tools, making it an innovative approach for all, by paying a premium price before the session ends. With fans understanding that the vast majority of the premium prices are going to their favorite artists directly, they'll be happy to support them.  

Fans need direct access to their favorite artist, and FIX's new features will enable them to connect. FIX enables artists to understand their fan base better by connecting their financial and streaming accounts, helping artists understand where strategic partnerships might be most effective. With this launch, artists will be able to run their own campaigns directly within the app.

FIX is an interactive experience of a real-world environment, offering meet-and-greet options between fans and idols. The company grants intimate access to fans and an unparalleled ability to help idols grow outreach and the number of audiences. FIX helps idols connect with fans and harness current habits to create a powerful and rewarding incentive through a proven loyalty convention. Integrating social media platforms, music streaming services, ticket sales services, operators, venues, and partnerships, all in a single app, the innovation is available on iOS and Android as well.FIX is offering artists the right marketing tools to connect with fans.