New Video Marketing Solution to Bolster Social Media Engagement Vertical: Video Platform

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, April 10, 2020

New Video Marketing Solution to Bolster Social Media Engagement Vertical: Video Platform

Here's how the integrated video marketing solution unifies in-browser editing and cloud-based video hosting to help businesses run full-cycle video marketing campaigns in the budget.

FREMONT, CA: has launched the first integrated video marketing solution. The company is the leading online video editor for creating videos to boost social media engagement. The company's platform accelerates video creation and distribution processes for marketers to create efficient campaigns by repurposing any video content at speed and scale with only one tool. platform suggests innovative workflows enabling users to upload their video content and mix in all needed marketing elements using a comprehensive set of editing features like animated text, logo, brand colors, calls to action, etc.

The integrated video marketing platform personalizes the video player applying a branded color palette and removing any control that may distract viewers from the users' message. The platform publishes and embeds videos on multiple distribution channels, including websites, emails, social media, automatically generated landing pages, and more. It also harnesses the benefits of the call-to-action feature that is preset for every video the user creates and designs to lead the viewers further through the conversion funnel.'s integrated video marketing platform repurposes portions of the user's video by seamlessly converting them to any popular aspect ratios, creating a series of promotional assets that drive traffic to the master video. is a video marketing platform that brings the first-rate hosting service, a landing page builder, and an online video editor to one place. This set of tools enables marketers to create and repurpose videos for any marketing channel. It's a game-changer for companies that aim to boost ROI from marketing funnel using videos. The company believes in the potential of video as a marketing instrument and develops platform in a way that video creators of any level can intuitively use its features to create stunning videos that drive results. 

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