New Service Supercharges the Way 3D Digital Artists Access Greyscalegorilla's Products

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, May 24, 2021

New Service Supercharges the Way 3D Digital Artists Access Greyscalegorilla's Products

Greyscalegorilla launches cloud-based Greyscalegorilla Plus Creative Subscription platform For 3D motion designers.

FREMONT, CA: Greyscalegorilla, the pioneer in offering professional training and tools to aid motion designers and 3D artists, announces the release of Greyscalegorilla Plus. The new cloud-based subscription service uses Greyscalegorilla's long-standing reputation for technical and creative innovation by offering subscribers streamlined access to its complete online library of award-winning plugins, hand-crafted materials and textures, high-dynamic-range images (HDRIs), and professional training from top industry artists.

Compatible with pioneering 3D software applications such as Maxon Cinema 4D and popular render engines comprising Redshift by Maxon, OTOY Octane, and Autodesk Arnold, the extensive collection of Greyscalegorilla Plus assets are depended upon by the world's top artists and studios to meet real-world production requirements and expand career skill sets.

The launch of Greyscalegorilla Plus reflects a strategic refocus enabling Greyscalegorilla to rapidly develop new 3D production-ready tools that will be added regularly into the platform's ever-widening library of time-saving resources. Plus, subscribers have infinite access to frequent product updates that are downloaded into their account HUB. According to Greyscalegorilla CEO Nick Campbell, the requirement for reliable, high-quality, 3D content and resources that engage audiences continues to widen exponentially, whether for use in commercial or personal projects, crypto art NFTs, social media videos, high-end VFX, broadcast motion graphics, commercials, game cinematics, live events, architectural and product visualization and more.

Greyscalegorilla's mission is to help 3D artists achieve their best work. As technology and innovation continue to draw the direction of 3D motion graphics and design, Greyscalegorilla Plus is the leading platform that develops on the collective years of experience as professional 3D artists, educators, and developers to bring ongoing value to the customers. The Plus subscription membership helps artists at any level to generate realistic renders faster, focus on craftsmanship, and get training from industry pros to future-proof their creative experiences.