New Perceptions of Augmented Reality in Entertainment Industry

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, July 19, 2019

New Perceptions of Augmented Reality in Entertainment Industry

The future of entertainment sector will be heavily influenced by the innovations being made by augmented reality.

Fremont CA: The fact that the mobile devices have become an integral part of people provides the entertainment industry with new opportunities to reach and engage audiences to higher levels.  Augmented Reality (AR) is such a method with which the users can meet innovations. AR and entertainment industry is expected to go hand in hand in the coming years. AR’s ability to capture the world around and add super unique features that give freshness benefits the entertainment space. Its endorsement is picking up the pace, and the market is expected to grow in coming years.


AR may seem a highly visual technology, and attempts are on the way to change people’s perceptions in which they listen to music or access audio information. AR ear-buds are already a trend in the market. Technologists are developing such equipment with real-world sound control. The AR-powered ear-buds create an augmented layer on top of real audio to improve the listening experience which is personalized as per the preference of the listener by filtering certain real-world sounds to make listening to a more pleasing experience.


AR is entering into the travel industry by offering the visitor new travel experiences bundled with enriched cultural information. One of the areas where AR finds its best application is the museum where many visitors use their smart devices to send. AR could create practical solutions to collaborate tourism, art, communication, marketing, and economics in a single application, proving to be advantageous to the entire city that hosts these.


Many television channels, especially sports channels, are using AR to allow their audiences to see graphic overlays that assist them with play narratives in a match. Among other types of television broadcasts, AR  has been used often in weather broadcasts too.

So far, AR has mostly been utilized one to increase the effectiveness of videos, multimedia, presentations, and games to reach to a greater audience. In the future, AR deployment could become the more practical giving way to a best in class experience in many entertainment fields and enabling further exploration.

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