New Data Service Delivering 360 View of the Global Games Market

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 31, 2020

New Data Service Delivering 360 View of the Global Games Market

A new single-window data service delivering 360° view of the global games market, offers high-level insights, rankings, and graphics by leveraging its analytics platform.  

FREMONT, CA: The world's leading provider of games and esports analytics, Newzoo has introduced Newzoo Pro, a new data service, combining all its insights into one easy-to-use, affordable, and cloud-based platform. The new service delivers a 360° view of the global games market, integrating in-depth game, country, genre, and demographic profiles with real-time engagement and market-sizing data. Newzoo Pro aims to be the go-to destination for individuals who seek upgraded and accessible information on the world's most popular form of entertainment. The new service is an innovative product on the market, offering a complete overview of the games space, taking various levels of engagement into account, including viewing, playing, streaming, and esports.

Newzoo Pro features an exclusive feed from Newzoo analysts, delivering their expert opinion on the latest market news. Newzoo's Games Taxonomy includes 132 variables across 11 unique categories, powering additional insights on an individual game mechanic level. The variety of esports insights provided by Newzoo Pro comprises teams, leagues, events, and sponsorships, supported by Newzoo's data partnership with The Esports Observer. With Newzoo Pro, the company is taking games business to the next level, providing more in-depth data and actionable insights to the growing number of people with interest in games.

Newzoo is the pioneering global provider of esports and games analytics. The company aids some of the world's most comprehensive entertainment, technology, and media brands to target their audience, spot opportunities, track competitors, and make imperative and financial decisions. The company operates well with its clients to provide the data they require to make daily decisions on marketing, sales, and product development.