New 360-Degree Panoramic Camera to Enhance User Experience

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, March 19, 2020

New 360-Degree Panoramic Camera to Enhance User Experience

A new-gen 360-degree panoramic camera is revolutionizing the way people click photos, record, and live stream.   

FREMONT, CA: The leading panoramic hardware and solution provider Labpano has launched Pilot One, which is a new 360-degree panoramic camera. The new camera supports 8K VR photography, recording, and even 8K live streaming. It comes with three unique innovations in a single camera- Swiftbird, which is a cloud-based live streaming solution, Pilot Tour, which is a real-time V-SLAM positioning solution for precisely positioned virtual tours, and Pilot Open System that facilitates developers to build their apps. Pilot One is designed with high-end hardware, embracing an all-metal cuboid framework with dynamic arc edges, making it a true blend of technology and art. It is the tiniest 8K 360º camera currently on the market that is built to a size of only 44mm x 44mm x 128mm (1.7 x 1.7 x 5 inches).    

Pilot One is packed with four high-end Sony image sensors and ultra-high precision lenses with an F2.28 aperture. The camera's 3400mAh battery supports 2 hours of continuous 8K recording and live streaming. It embraces an all-metal cuboid framework with elegant arc edges, making it a true blend of art and technology. Pilot One comes with a series of modular accessories for customers to purchase based on their own needs like 4G module, ambisonic mic, GPS module, 5G module, waterproof housing, protective case, dive housing, and charging grip. The camera is equipped with an upgraded real-time PilotSteady™ Stabilization Technology to realize a rock-solid steady image quality even in the bumpiest environments and 8K live streaming on-the-move.

Labpano is a company that is dedicated to delivering enhanced values to customers with professional-grade panoramic hardware and industrial solutions that are expandable. The company focuses on image and graphics fusion algorithms and visual products. Labpano thrives on creating reliable products and effective solutions with cutting-edge technologies and dynamic innovations.