Mediaproxy Adds Zixi and SRT Capability to its LogServer

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Mediaproxy Adds Zixi and SRT Capability to its LogServer

The SRT Alliance, which includes popular broadcast and technology companies such as Avid, Microsoft, Telestream, Evertz, and Red Bee Media among its participants, developed and supported the protocol.

FREMONT, CA: Mediaproxy, a leading provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, has modified its flagship logging and control framework to support the Zixi and SRT formats. This enables OTT service operators to use LogServer to run low latency streams, which is a critical feature for more powerful, fully interactive viewer experiences.

“Being able to support two of the most prominent streaming platform protocols is an important advance for LogServer,” comments Mediaproxy chief technology officer John O’Halloran. “Low latency streaming is becoming more important for live internet sources. Having native support for both Zixi and SRT protocols in LogServers will allow customers to take advantage of our advanced toolsets for compliance, monitoring and analysis. We are also very pleased to now be a member of the SRT Alliance and hope we can make a contribution to the good work that has already been done in the development of low latency, open-source video transport systems.”

Zixi is a software-defined live streaming platform that can deliver broadcast-quality content over any IP network, protocol, cloud provider, or edge system with low latency. The Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) from the organization is targeted at operators looking to launch new OTT networks or move their workflows to the cloud. It can also be used to brace for the termination of satellite contracts, penetrate new markets, sign up new MPVDs (Multichannel Video Programming Distributors), provide new distribution platforms to target new customers, broaden brand content, and provide regional and mass customization.

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) is an open-source video transport protocol built on UDP technology. It can provide high-quality, secure, low-latency content over the public internet by improving streaming performance across volatile networks using encrypted streams and fast firewall traversal. SRT can account for packet error, jitter, and fluctuating bandwidth when preserving video integrity and consistency in this manner.

  Mediaproxy recently joined the Alliance, allowing it to further improve its LogServer monitoring and analysis technology for low-latency OTT applications.