Media and Entertainment Modernizing with AI Ideas

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, July 26, 2019

Media and Entertainment Modernizing with AI Ideas

Artificial Intelligence has started to play a prominent role in the media & entertainment industry, enabling companies to use data to create customized content and user experiences.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence promises to change the media and entertainment industry, reshaping everything from content creation to the customer experience. AI is impacting all parts of the media value chain, supporting content creators to be extra creative, helping content editors to be more productive. It will help content consumers to find the content that matches their interests and current situation. AI is increasingly toiling as an engine that encourages more practical experiences in media and entertainment.

According to research, the majority of AI use cases in media and entertainment appear to fall into marketing, advertising, personalization and search optimization. Companies are training machine learning algorithms to help develop film trailers and design advertisements. Entertainment suppliers are using ML to recommend personalized content based on data from user behavior. Media content producers are practising AI software to enhance the speed and efficiency of the media production process and the capability to organize visual assets. AI is now often in the background, giving more productive and more engaging experiences while improving content-creation and production processes in the studio.

The media and entertainment landscape today has been galvanized by two driving forces, an explosion of demand for original content and a change in consumer preferences. Armed with the technology and capability to cater to customers’ media consumption according to their preferences, companies have invested heavily in Artificial Intelligence. It turned vast swaths of data into personalized content and carefully curated user experiences. AI is speeding media creation and delivery to multiple platforms in the most visually rich and personalized way yet. AI is also creating new avenues for media companies to save money. It offers unique services, using image recognition to better index valuable content archives for licensing. It can even help build models that predict end-user interest in related content and drive future purchases.