Making Voice More Powerful as a Medium through Voice Streaming Apps

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, September 04, 2020

Making Voice More Powerful as a Medium through Voice Streaming Apps

Speakers and listeners can now experience live voice streaming, and the prospects of engaging with an audience through voice are undoubtedly exciting.

FREMONT, CA: Dabel, a live social voice streaming app, is a new entrant, which is the first of its kind app that allows users to live stream their audio sessions for up to two hours. The companies, Agora and Doki Doki Inc., partnered to develop the application. With the help of invites, users can ask almost 10,000 other users to join the conversation simultaneously.  

Voice is a powerful medium that can be effectively used for engaging interactions and communication. Improved network connectivity has increased the scope of using live voice streaming and enhancing the quality of exchange between individuals and groups over the internet. Meaningful conversations on a social platform have a lot of outreach and can be used strategically by various sections.

The new mobile-based app has an intuitive interface and enables users to interact with co-users. The feature that allows for audio to be saved automatically and easily shared on other social media platforms are handy. Voice as a tool is undergoing a lot of development, and Dabel plays a role in adding value to the medium. The flexibility offered by Dabel ensures that its users can talk about any topics of interest, co-host with other speakers, be in a community of listeners, and even invite listeners for interaction. 

The technology behind Dabel is Agora’s Voice SDK that enables developers to incorporate real-time voice chat into any application. It allows the app to reach out to a global user base through clear and high-quality audio chats. In the age of social media, this fresh take on using live audio as a medium can be very stimulating and enjoyable.

Agora offers platform-as-a-service solutions that enable developers to embed various mediums like audio, video, and messaging into mobile or desktop applications. The company has a global presence and powers many interactive, real-time streaming of audio and video communication.