Maintain Healthy Relationships with DAM

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The implementation of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is a beneficial step toward gaining intellectual and operational control over the company’s digital assets. With the proper usage of DAM, substantial cost savings, gains in time to marketplaces, and improved brand voice are delivered. DAM seems complex in the basic sense as it requires inputs, connecting points, and manpower to create and maintain the infrastructure necessary to be flexible while systems grow and evolve.

DAM Relationship Advice

DAM is multifaceted and is more than just an assets manager. Hence, it requires careful consideration in choosing the right DAM vendor, migrating assets, and managing the complex integrations. To maintain a good relationship with DAM, the focus needs to be on communications, connections with everyone involved, and encouraging the commitment to work together.

The purpose of any business relationship is to gain a sense of value and make profits. The most fruitful organizations are networking-based and involve customers through a collection of data, use, and monitoring of interactions.

Dependency Is Needed for DAM

DAM needs to be embraced as a critical entity of the content and marketing ecosystem. DAM is not only the sole source of content but also a strong foundation to construct consumer involvement.

Trust in technology will lead to greater participation and increase the value of information utility while creating a transformational business strategy. Trust and certainty of the data accuracy are critical as it affects the quality of the DAM.   With the extraction of impactful metadata in categorizing, contextualizing, and accounting for data provides the best choice for ROI.

Lay strong foundations with DAM

When carefully checked, DAM can be optimized, in turn reducing the time to market for materials and improving consumer engagement with better data analytics. DAM can be a strong foundation for growth as:

• Manifests and facilitates responsiveness with agility.

• Predicts managing content beyond fundamentally defined digital assets.

• Fosters greater user inter-relationships across the enterprise.

DAM is reinforced when it is utilized as a part of a business relationship system that considers content capturing from multiple perspectives, including knowledge, data, and rights, but also the people involved internally and DAM vendor. As a driving force, the DAM will speed up the interactions between business and consumer. DAM is a constant, persistent connection between people, programs, and technology.