Machine Learning Driving Newer Opportunities in Media and Entertainment Industry

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, July 29, 2019

Critical applications of machine learning in the media and entertainment industry present numerous scopes and opportunities.  

FREMONT, CA: In the digital age, advancing technologies have changed the way information is stored, processed, and transferred. With artificial intelligence becoming more and more indispensable, the media and entertainment industry has found ample scope of its application. Machine learning, which is a branch of artificial intelligence, has practical possibilities in the industry. With machine learning, systems incorporate the capabilities of self-learning when given a sufficient amount of data and instances. There is no need for writing a new program for every other problem as the intelligent machine will do so itself. 

The most significant advantages of machine learning are improved analytical abilities. Although human beings can match up with the abilities, the amount of time taken by machines is far less than that required by a human. Hence, efficiency rises and predicting complicated outcomes becomes easier, decision-making becomes convenient, and decoding hidden patterns and trends becomes possible. For the media and entertainment industry, the implications of using machine learning are highly substantial.

Smart machines in the media industry can prove to be disruptive. Be it intelligent embedded systems or neuro computers, the industry is in an excellent position to make the most of these technologies. Major media houses have already started incorporating machine learning. One can expect all the companies to follow suit soon. The results of applying machine learning are not only influencing but effective too.

The impacts of machine learning on the media industry can be felt if one focuses on areas like content discovery and personalization. In the extremely competitive world of entertainment where companies have to cater to an increasingly demanding audience, personalization is an essential aspect. Through personalization, content creators have a chance to reach out to the target audience group. An effective and automated recommendation system is key to the success of any entertainment platform. With machine learning, the platforms don't have to depend on keywords and tags.

Interactive content, which is one of the most exciting and recent developments, can be directly linked to the technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Even advertising becomes effective and targeted with machine learning. The technology is resulting in comprehensive improvements in the media and entertainment industry.