Live Video Streaming: New Methods to Optimize Viewing Experiences

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Live video streaming is all the rage, and here are a few pieces of advice that can take viewership to the next level.

FREMONT, CA: The popularity of live streaming platforms is making strides, and with the advent of technologies and advancement in network infrastructure, online video streaming has provided viewers with a lot of flexibility in how, when, where, and what they choose to watch. With many big and small companies getting involved in the area, the competition has started to get stiffer. However, there are several ways to garner the attention of viewers and create a loyal audience base. Here are some of the technology backed methods that can drive up viewership and outreach of online live streaming platforms.

• Creating and Retaining Bonds with Audience through Interaction

Although quality content is the crucial criteria to gain viewership, interacting well with the audience is also essential. One must try to open up and interact with the audience to create a personal relationship. The stronger the bonding becomes, the more are the chances of success. There are many ways of adding meaning to relationships between creators and audiences. Live chat session, question and answer regarding particular videos, continuous interactions with followers on through background activity posts and comments can boost engagement.

• Maintaining Consistency

Consistency in quality, as well as the gaps between live sessions, is essential. Unless your videos and sessions stick to a predetermined schedule, it becomes difficult to even for loyal views to keep track. Being prepared for broadcast sessions and following the link updated beforehand works in favor as audiences are assured of timely streaming. Consistency is the key to stay alive in the audiences' consciousness.

• Using the Right Set of Equipment

To increase viewership, the quality of content should be top-notch. The essential requirement to make videos good enough are standard equipment. Adequately checked and upgraded equipment enables glitch-free broadcasts. If viewers encounter issues during live broadcasts, it often leads to frustration. Hence, opting for reliable equipment is vital.

• Optimizing Videos

To optimize the videos, one must understand the importance of the duration. A video should not be too short or too long. It should be adequately promoted on social media handles, and the insights that these platforms provide should be used to analyze the acceptance of the videos.

Technology is not only making live streaming convenient, but it is also aiding broadcasters to enhance viewership.