Leveraging AI for Creating Video Ads

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, June 24, 2022

Using AI to monitor ad campaigns can boost a brand's ad performance with the launch of video ad creatives.

Fremont, CA: AI in marketing is becoming increasingly crucial as more ad agencies and tech companies utilize AI to remain competitive. Big Tech companies and advertising firms all employ AI for marketing. This involves anything from daily duties to optimizing marketing campaigns worth millions of dollars. There are ample ways in which marketing organizations can employ AI, and digital marketers risk falling behind if they do not adapt to these new technologies. Using AI to create and optimize video advertisements is a best practice.

Using AI for creating video ads:

Creates and manages ads

There are AI-powered systems that will partially or completely produce advertisements for you based on what works best for your objectives. This functionality is already available on some social media ad systems, which employ clever automation to recommend advertising based on the links you are supporting. However, it also exists in third-party solutions that use intelligent algorithms to produce ad material for you. These systems use natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG), two AI-powered technologies, to generate ad copy that performs as well as or better than copy generated by humans in a fraction of the time and at scale.

Optimized performance and budget

Optimization of performance is one of the primary applications of AI in advertising. Commercially accessible solutions employ machine learning algorithms to examine how your advertisements work on certain platforms and then provide recommendations to increase performance. In some instances, these platforms may employ AI to intelligently automate tasks that you should be performing based on best practices, so saving you a substantial amount of time. In other circumstances, they may reveal performance flaws you were unaware of.

In the most advanced scenarios, artificial intelligence may autonomously manage ad performance and spend optimization, making decisions on its own regarding how best to achieve your advertising KPIs and recommending a fully optimized budget. Exists at least one platform that allocates advertising money automatically across all channels and audiences, allowing humans to focus on higher-value strategic duties rather than manual guesswork about what works and what does not.