Key Trends in Entertainment Industry

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, June 17, 2019

Key Trends in Entertainment Industry

FREMONT, CA: The number of viewers engaging themselves in traditional media is on the decline, and consumer attention is becoming harder to win and keep. Media content is in dire need of reconstruction and more engaging in format. The success of an interactive film by one of the world’s biggest streaming company has paved the way for healthy consumer appetite for more synergistic forms of elements, and opened the market for augmented and virtual reality.

Big Content Convergence:

The next big thing for streaming development in the future is that every company needs to think and perform like an entertainer as the path ahead lies in the convergence of content and interactive services. An “amusement park for coffee,” laden with in-store augmented reality customizations has been established where customers can learn about the roasting procedures and unbolt virtual menus by directing their smartphones at icons in the store.

•  Being there: The thrill of a live sporting event and the roar of its crowd is exhilarating. But due to scarcity in physical and distance, many people are left out. Virtualization, haptics, and smart objects now make “being there” a reality for them. The interactive technology helps fans with tracking the match from multiple vantage points and access real-time information on players.

•  Virtual Communities: “Consumption activities” like sports, travel, and recreation are better enjoyed with relatives, friends, or people with common interests. Immersive technologies will eventually merge elements of community and real-time interaction to develop better collective participation.

•  Discovery: Consumers search and compare shopping items, which is a time-consuming chore, but the next content convergence will enable them to explore new products, locations, and services in more exciting ways.

•  Imagination and Storytelling: A picture speaks a thousand words, then a combination of sight, touch, and sound, imbibed with virtualization will turn each page of children’s literature into an interactive scene.

Learning from the Entertainment-World:

By forging the right partnerships, the combination of sensory experiences, engagement in ethical behaviors, and active participation of the audience, the entertainment industry has focused on becoming better. 

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