Key Considerations While Choosing a Live Video Streaming Encoders

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, November 25, 2021

Fremont, CA: Video encoders can be of two types; software encoder and hardware encoder. Software encoders are applications that operate on a computer, whether it's a laptop, a desktop, or another device. Using a software encoder has various advantages. They're usually simple to set up, and you may tune or change most characteristics of the codecs to achieve the desired bitrate and video quality. When a new version or upgrade of encoding software becomes available, you can easily update it. Hardware encoders are dedicated processors that encode video and data into streamable information using a pre-programmed algorithm. Hardware encoding systems are available in a variety of sizes, from small portable units to massive permanent structures. Professional broadcasters are more likely to employ hardware encoders for live streaming because of their higher cost. They are dedicated to hardware encoding only, giving them an edge over software encoders.

Here are some essential questions to consider when deciding whether to use a software or hardware encoder for your live streaming needs.

Will I employ the services of a professional streaming service?

Check to verify whether encoders are compatible with a professional live streaming platform if you plan on using one. The majority of them employ a standard format like RTMP (real-time messaging protocol). A platform may, in rare situations, have its own encoder. Your chosen OVP will, for the most part, provide format-based encoder recommendations.

Which features would my video content require?

Knowing how you want your final video project to look when it's finished will help you choose the correct encoder. The functionalities provided by software and hardware encoders for live video streaming differ. Similarly, each company provides unique services and benefits. Closed captioning and advertisements, to mention a few, are important aspects to consider.

Will I require a portable encoder for on-the-go live streaming?

Different occasions necessitate different encoder specifications. Because they simply require your laptop and are simple to set up, software encoders are often preferred for streaming on the road. When it comes to hardware encoders, it's common for broadcasters to want to be able to move them simply between locations.