Kaltura introduces MediaX Cloud DVR Solution featuring Variety of Monetization Opportunities

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, June 17, 2019

NEW YORK, NY: Kaltura, a video technology provider has declared the launch of Kaltura MediaX including its flexible cloud DVR solution. As a part of its OTT TV offering, MediaX is designed to enable pay-TV operators, content providers and broadcasters to quickly deploy cloud DVR services with variety of monetization features. Kaltura MediaX will also provide its customers new tools for faster content discovery and accessibility.

The Cloud DVR solution offers innovative monetization features that enable its customers to increase business opportunities. Among all other options, revenue generating options encourages customers to increase their cloud DVR quota, add new users/devices per household and upgrade from catch-up to cloud DVR connect recordings to existing social media features; the long-term storage of catch-up items and recordings and many others.

The services are designed to be flexible and scalable and Kaltura’s modular architecture allows customers to launch cloud DVR services that are pre-integrated with other Kaltura OTT TV modules such as MediaHub and MediaStore or with Kaltura partners’ third party backed, storage and playout offerings.

Existing Kaltura customers deploying the cloud DVR solution can extend their OTT TV personalization features, content discovery, monetization rules and household management logic across the cloud DVR service.

Future plans for MediaX includes introduction of features powered by metadata and predictive analysis. MediaX Metadata will significantly enhance customer’s content discovery and content consumption by providing access to a wide range of traditional and internet-based data sources. While the use of MediaX Predictive Analytics will analyze viewing usage patterns to anticipate user preferences and make content more discoverable.