Marshall Cv506 Goes Trackside to Capture All the Heart Pounding, High Speed Action for Premier Dirt Racing Broadcast Provider, Dirtvision

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Miniature HD Camera with 3GSDI & HDMI Delivers Ultra-High Performance, Unrivaled Flexibility and Outstanding Value

CONCORD, NC - DIRTVision, the premier dirt racing broadcast provider, needed a rugged, cost effective camera solution capable of taking viewers trackside to capture all the exciting motor sports action. Marshall Electronics CV506 Miniature Full-HD fit the bill with its premium video quality and small form factor.

DIRTVision is owned by parent company World Racing Group. The company’s largest brand and premier racing series, World of Outlaws, races coast to coast. DIRTVision streams all 155 World of Outlaw races each year. In total, DIRTVision streams 400 dirt races annually. From live coverage to historical races, DIRTVision it is the one-stop-shop for exclusive video and audio events. DIRTVision has been using Marshall cameras as part of its workflow since 2015.

“We had looked at the Marshall CV505 at NAB a few years ago and were immediately impressed,” says Brian Dunlap, director, broadcast services, World Racing Group. “We had the opportunity to see them in action through some of the production companies we work with and were really happy with the results. One of the main factors for us is being able to keep the cameras safe from crashes during races. Once we found a way to further protect them, using a custom aluminum enclosure, it was a no brainer, and we made the purchase. We then transitioned to the company’s 506’s when they were introduced last year.”

Every DIRTVision-covered race features three to four man operated full-size cameras with an additional four or five Marshall CV506 cameras placed around the track and venue. “We set up the 506’s in its custom housings, which also has a screw- on lens filter,” adds Dunlap. “This really keeps the camera protected and we just replace the lens filter, if needed. The cameras move with us from racetrack to racetrack, so it is really helpful that they are so easy to set up. The 506’s size, functionality, ease of use and durability is fantastic. They’ve been great and there really is no reason to consider going with anything else.”