Is the CDN Market about to Experience a Boom?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 26, 2019

Is the CDN Market about to Experience a Boom?

As consumption of online content increases, CDNs become a basic requirement for the media and entertainment industry. 

FREMONT, CA: There has been a marked rise in the production and consumption of online video content recently. Video content is data-intensive and requires proper infrastructure for fast transmission. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have been the backbone for the evolving patterns of video content consumption. By providing content producers with a technologically advanced network of servers, CDNs allow unhindered and fast conveyance of video content to end-users or viewers. CDNs make video-watching highly enjoyable by preventing buffering. Owing to their functionality, it is expected that as the popularity of online video platforms increase, CDNs will also witness a boom. 

A boom is expected in the global CDN market, which will result in a higher density of CDN facilities across the world. This will give media and entertainment companies an opportunity to expand operations and reach out to a broader base of audience. CDNs are effective in removing the barriers created by latency. This allows viewers with slower network connectivity to watch videos easily. Thus, for the evolving media industry, CDNs act as a major facilitator. The capability of CDNs to enhance distribution capabilities is now about to be a significant factor in the transforming media industry. 

The internet traffic is continuously on the rise. With bandwidth limitations, the only way forward from here is through robust distribution networks provided by CDNs. The gradual emergence of VR has also created a strong case for building more CDNs. In order to satisfy the demands of media companies and their rising number of viewers, CDN providers are scaling up their offerings. Going by the market predictions from online reports, it is evident that responding to the growing demands will make CDN providers profitable. 

As engagement metrics become more and more critical in the competitive online video content ecosystem, CDNs are poised to make a big difference. Thus, one can expect the CDN to experience a boom anytime soon.

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