Is DAM's Popularity Making CIOs Rethink their Priorities?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 17, 2019

Media and entertainment industry is going digital, and its technological needs are continually changing. To handle the flux, CIOs are turning their attention towards DAM solutions.     

FREMONT, CA: As the volume of digital files shoots up exponentially, media and entertainment companies are looking at innovative ways of handling their vast collections effectively. Media CIOs find Digital Asset Management (DAM) increasingly beneficial in this regard. DAM consists of tools that support the diversifying digital formats and help manage modern systems intelligently. The functionality of these advanced solutions has proved to be so advantageous for the media and entertainment industry, that it is quickly becoming a must-have for CIOs.

With time, traditional media handling tools have become less relevant, and content creators are upgrading their systems and equipment. This is making DAM solutions one of the most valued sets of technologies for professionals in this sector. This article talks in detail about how DAM is making CIOs rethink digital strategies because of its interesting and meaningful features.

• Editing and Format Conversion: Everything at One Place

With DAM solutions, companies can consolidate several capabilities into unified platforms. It becomes easy to edit files, be it images or videos. All the functionalities are present in one place, making it convenient to work. Even file format conversions can be carried out with DAM solutions.

• Managing Workflow

Managers can streamline operations using DAM solutions. Workflows are essential to every company, and with appropriate workflow management, it is possible to achieve new levels of efficiency. From the very first stage of creating and editing content to the end stages of using and storing files, DAM makes several processes convenient. Approval paths also get simplified, making giving and receiving approval smoother.

• Enriching Communication

Efficient communication tools are one of the basic necessities for every media and entertainment company. The need to connect and interact in real-time is now being fulfilled using advanced DAM tools. With DAM tools, workers in an organization can communicate effectively. DAM facilitates not just internal, but external communication as well. From supporting better collaborations between employees and departments to improving interaction with clients, and partners, the DAM does it all.

• Controlling Storage and Accessibility

It is imperative for companies to manage the storage of content effectively. DAM solutions offer storage management tools with which one can ensure that files are stored securely. Along with that, DAM solutions also contain the features through which companies can limit accessibility criteria so that only allowed individuals can have access to stored content. By enabling meta-data tagging, DAM solutions make it simpler for companies to categorize and search for files from extensive digital libraries.

• Handling Diverse Channels in an Integrated Way

DAM solutions are proving handy when it comes to content sharing. With advanced DAM tools, media and entertainment companies are deploying multi-channel strategies that help manage and post content across different platforms. The prevalence of social media platforms has made it necessary for companies to develop integrated ways of sharing information. To maintain consistency in multi-channel sharing, CIOs are turning to DAM solutions.

Apart from the crucial features mentioned above, today's DAM offerings have a host of other functions that are of strategic importance to the media and entertainment industry. Thus, CIOs are prioritizing the inclusion of the highly valuable DAM solutions in their digital arsenal.