Is AI Justifying its Popularity among CIOs?

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, November 04, 2019

Is AI Justifying its Popularity among CIOs?

Along with innovative services, AI is helping the M&E industry to take big strides towards a bright and profitable future.

FREMONT, CA: The media and entertainment sector is experiencing a wave of transformations with the accelerated adoption of advanced technologies. Artificial intelligence, being one of the most impressive technologies, is already an impactful part of the industry. The advanced technology gives machines cognitive powers, which is so beneficial to businesses that CIOs have been giving it the highest priority lately. The M&E CIOs who have led their organizations towards embracing AI has enjoyed exceptional success in the form of improved quality of services and accelerated growth. Not only does AI empower CIOs to achieve the technological capabilities needed in a media company, but it also powers valuable experiences for the creators as well as viewers. The following list decodes the role of AI in the M&E industry and talks about how it is justifying its popularity among M&E CIOs.

• Better Streaming with AI

Development in digital streaming technologies has been one of the most notable developments in the M&E industry. The trend of on-demand video platforms has revolutionized the way content is created and delivered. With more reliable network abilities and increasing use of smart devices, consumers are expecting content delivery in real-time, with the least amount of friction. Artificial intelligence plays an essential role in enabling real-time streaming. With AI, CIOs in M&E firms are giving their businesses the power to analyze streaming metrics and make services better. From automated personalization of suggestion lists to harmonious streaming services, AI-based applications play a pivotal role in delivering quality content on streaming platforms in a better manner. With this, service providers can make the customer experience better.

• Intelligence in Marketing

Marketing content and advertising management is a key part of the M&E industry. AI empowers media organizations to make advertisements and marketing campaigns consistent. AI-based tools enable the development of suitable marketing content. Machine learning algorithms help push advertisements depending upon the consumers’ buying or browsing habits. Thus, with AI, CIOs facilitate media firms to develop impactful marketing campaigns that give better ROI.

• Improved Engagement of Viewers

Automated streaming and media consumption patterns can be studied using AI solutions. CIOs in M&E companies are leveraging the potential of AI-based analytics to discover what individual viewers want to see. Depending on viewer behavior, recommendation engines driven by AI create lists for the audience. Such intelligent recommendations ensure that viewers can identify the right kind of content. Thus, AI facilitates media businesses to provide viewers with relevant content, thereby creating a better viewing experience.

• Making Voice Search Compatible

Aiming to introduce the highest degree of convenience, technology providers are now building applications that enable voice-based searches. With these capabilities, users do not have to type in their inquiries. Instead, voice commands will carry out the orders. Such search capabilities are a consequence of AI-based solutions that can turn information from speech to text. Media organizations are thus profiting by deploying voice search capabilities with natural language processing as its essence.

The M&E industry is gradually warming up to the benefits of AI. With such transformations lined up, AI is indeed maintaining its role as the CIO’s best friend and justifying the hype that surrounds it.

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