Insightful Innovations Transforming Media and Entertainment

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 04, 2019

Media and entertainment firms can achieve competitive advantage by searching for high-tech possibilities.

FREMONT, CA: As the media industry aspires to remain on top, it becomes progressively self-evident to explore alternative business models and evaluate evolving technologies. Media businesses wishing to innovate in this disruptive environment will need to pay close attention to emerging fields of entrepreneurship and the start-ups driving this disruptive digitalization. Here are a few developments in technology will have the most significant effect on the internet video sector.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Media businesses use AI to enhance their ability to predict. For instance, AI instruments can be used to forecast resource adjustment demand or to predict potential disruptions in the supply chain of content. These use cases could bring substantial savings to media firms.

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Blockchain Controlling Piracy

With a shared database that is continually updated and reconciled to offer a blockchain, the media industry's most significant issue, piracy will now be a thing of the past as each transaction will be recorded and updated immediately, and that database will be accessible to all employees to see.

Blockchain in Targeted Advertising

It is very probable that the idea of targeted advertising along with the decentralized engine will prove to be an efficient instrument for customers as well as tiny and big businesses. Blockchain advertisers will be able to create a client profile from the information client ready to share in one scoop.

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Virtual Reality (VR)

Today's largest media and entertainment disrupter is VR. Through very natural, immersive human experiences, technologies such as Facebook 360 and YouTube 360 enable millions of customers to experience and communicate with content from afar every day. Content creators continue to discover new methods to use technology to take their readers through VR and AR components into the story in the future.

Media businesses need to understand that content and technology investments alone will not allow them to flourish in the disruptive globe. For media and entertainment businesses today, creating, retaining, and nurturing an authentic connection with the empowered crowd is essential.