Innovative Multi-Channel TV Platform for Businesses

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, August 03, 2020

Innovative Multi-Channel TV Platform for Businesses

An innovative multi-channel streaming TV platform is helping businesses produce optimal brand experience for customers.

FREMONT, CA: The company that created the revolutionary smart music platform for businesses, Rockbot, has launched a multi-channel streaming TV platform. The innovative platform is designed for businesses, from stand-alone, local companies to the nation's largest multi-location brands. Rockbot TV is an OTT-delivered platform, offering several customizable tools and features for businesses to use and produce the optimal experience for their clients. The company has a track record of offering streaming media services with the help of its investors-Universal Music Group and Google Ventures, to nationwide businesses like Anytime Fitness, Panera Bread, and Neiman Marcus.  

Rockbot, for the first time, is providing businesses with an alternative to the consumer and residential-focused services offered by legacy pay-TV providers. Rockbot TV has added an additive benefit to channel and content providers. With such a potential of reaching millions of out-of-home viewers, channels now have the chance to reach and expose their brands to different audiences. The company has signed several content providers to the platform, including cable favorites and streaming only channels in news, sports, social media favorites, and lifestyle. Among the specialties Rockbot TV offers businesses are automatic daily scheduling, enabling business owners to optimize the TV experience for consumers throughout the day. The company also allows businesses to centralize control and management of any number of locations, along with the ability to add marketing and branding to the venue's TV experience, and more.

Rockbot is a streaming media platform for businesses, comprising of background music, mobile app for customers & digital signage, and overhead messaging. Besides, Rockbot has integrations with tablet POS systems, Sonos, tabletop tablets, and retail and fitness applications.