Innovations for Exceptional Streaming Experience

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, December 17, 2021

Innovations in technology are revolutionizing the way viewers view content and provide exceptional streaming experiences.

Fremont, CA: As of 2021, video technology has grown enormously in popularity, with no signs of stopping down. With nearly 82 percent of consumers owning at least one internet-connected device and 60 percent of adults watching a video on a connected device, it's evident that the great majority of people want an engaging video experience. However, connected TV isn't the only thing happening in the media, technology, and streaming world. The most recent streaming innovations are a mix of visual and silent creations for end-users that harm business operations. Looking from the consumer's perspective, devices deliver higher-quality material, more engaging experiences, and at rapid speeds to consumers.

Three of the most interesting streaming innovations that promise to elevate the quality of the consumer experience:

4K+ Supported VR Devices

The content sector isn't the only one to catch up to the customer demand for 4K resolution devices. Major consumer electronics companies are now offering 4K enabled headsets at more cost-effective pricing as of 2021. Although the success and quality of 8K headsets are still up in the air, the potential of more high-resolution devices is an exciting development for both customers and developers. Back-end technology is currently tasked with supporting the delivery of 8K grade material. Future codecs, like VVC and LCEVC, are expected to enable the success of 4K+ devices in the future.

Synchronized viewing

OTT platforms have emerged as an entirely new type of social experience in the last ten years. Consumers were no longer constrained by broadcast watching times or theatres when it came to seeing the latest major movie or TV show. The concept of viewing parties, or the vernacular "Netflix and Chill," has emerged as a result of the availability of VoD. Consumers that engage in "Synchronized Viewing" watch the same information at the same time and interact with each other in some way.

5G network adoption

Consumers and governments are witnessing the arrival of the newest and fastest network, 5G before they have even gotten tired of 4G. Consumers and developers are always on the lookout for low-latency streaming opportunities, and now that 5G has been standardized around the world, the burden of delivering high-quality video has been lifted slightly off the shoulders of OTT and streaming service providers. Faster internet connections, cloud-based per-title encoding solutions, and new codecs, on the other hand, will ensure that no one ever sees the dreaded buffering indicator again.