How Video-on-Demand Delights Viewers?

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, June 17, 2019

An American subscription video-on-demand service is enabling American television network viewers to expand their viewership into the next-level of entertainment.

FREMONT, CA: HBO Now is an American subscription video-on-demand service operated by American premium television network that has been on-air for some time now. HBO Now enables Apple and Cablevision Optimum online consumers to access HBO’s self-governing streaming service on a monthly subscription basis.

Apple customers can access HBO NOW by downloading the HBO NOW app on their Apple device – iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV – by using their iTunes accounts. The monthly subscription is purchased in-app via Apple. There is an initial 30-day free trial session that viewers can enjoy.

Optimum online customers can access HBO NOW by ordering the online HBO NOW service at Once the subscription is made, these viewers can use the app by downloading it on their Apple TV or iOS devices. This, in turn, will enable Optimum online customers to select ‘Optimum’ from the drop-down menu of providers and sign in using their credentials of Optimum.

Subscribers can now view captivating HBO programming on a range of devices, including iOS devices, Apple TV, as well as on, through PC or Mac.

The entertainment streaming service delivers over 2,000 titles online. Besides providing Hollywood hits to the viewers, HBO is also looking forward to expanding its new service via more distributors and digital partners.