How to Build A Reliable CDN?

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, July 06, 2020

Robust and reliable content delivery infrastructure can become a reality with concerted efforts towards building CDN facilities.

FREMONT, CA: The increasing popularity of the internet has resulted in quite a few developments that could not be predicted some time back. Today, the internet has made web content available to everyone. The media and entertainment industry, with assistance from Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), has been able to innovate and transform content delivery to the viewers. The typical roadblocks, like buffering and limitations in the distribution of high-quality content, can now be overcome using CDNs. However, a reliable network of infrastructures is vital to obtain the desired results. Some ways in which media and entertainment companies can develop robust CDNs are discussed in this article.

Companies can build the best CDN through a streamlined approach. Predicting the requirements from a CDN is the first crucial step to build an ideal facility. Today's content makers cater to a global audience. To facilitate the smooth distribution of online audio, video or any other media content, there has to be a suitable infrastructure. CDNs deliver online content by taking servers closer to the viewer. The dependence on origin servers reduces, and this prevents lags and buffering when a viewer accesses the content. 

Companies can either have a single-CDN strategy or a multi-CDN strategy. The single-cdn strategy works well because of its flexibility and affordability. However, a multi-CDN strategy is much better from many angles. With multi-CDN, companies can increase their outreach and guarantee better delivery of online content. This allows improvement in customer satisfaction and adds to the reliability of the infrastructure. This strategy also enables media broadcasters to handle occasional spikes in viewership without blocking resources that will not be in use otherwise.

The ability to scale should also become a weighing factor when companies build CDN capabilities. Viewership trends always vary. Keeping the options for expansion open is central to developing efficient CDN. A reliable CDN can give any media company an upper hand. Thus, investing in building secure content delivery infrastructure can be very advantageous. Distributing traffic, catering to spikes in demands, and delivering high-definition content is now possible by the strategic development of CDNs.

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