How this Storage Solution Optimizes Laser Graphics Film Scanners

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 27, 2019

How this Storage Solution Optimizes Laser Graphics Film Scanners

The smart storage solution is targeting digitization with a vast capacity to meet the massive storage demands of high resolution, ultra-fast scanners.

FREMONT, CA: Galileo Digital has released 1PB (one petabyte) storage turnkey solution, combined with software from axle ai, Inc. The system serves a value breakthrough in an industry where petabyte-scale solutions typically cost many hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. 1PB is equal to 1,000 terabytes of storage space, which is required increasingly as video production skyrockets and resolutions move ever higher. xStor systems are designed for excellent performance and reliability at an aggressive price point. It is the only hard disk-based storage system to be painstakingly tested and optimized for use with Laser graphics film scanners. 

The configuration comprises a 1U application server running a 5-user version of axle ai 2019, which is the company's 'radically simple' video search software. The software features a browser front end, enabling multiple users to catalog, tag, and search their media files and a range of AI-driven alternatives to catalog automatically and discover specific visual-audio attributes within those files. Multiple terabytes that are stored in a day of scanning or by a video team in one shoot helps in saving enormous time and effort in the system by allowing rapid search and management of those media files.

California-based company, Galileo Digital is an exclusive, global distributor for xStor storage solutions and Laser graphics motion picture film scanners. The company is identified as a worldwide leader in the seamless, end-to-end, film-to-digital workflow, archive, and media asset management solutions. Galileo Digital aims to engage a handful of the preeminent systems integrators by leveraging their human and technological resources. Galileo Digital provides affordable post-production, data storage, and asset management systems planning and integration services to the motion picture, broadcast, archive, and education clients worldwide.