How Software-Based Cinema Solutions Widen Movie Distribution Options

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, June 17, 2019

The collaboration between world-leading cinema distribution service providers is enabling distribution of movies and trailers through both the satellite and broadband channels.

FREMONT, CA: The software-based Digital Cinema Client, developed as a result of the collaboration between International Datacasting Corporation (IDC) and Ymagis Group, facilitates movies and trailers to be presented over satellite and broadband channels. The rising demand for entertainment content encourages broadcasters to deploy such innovative solutions for movie and trailer release.

Ymagis’s President and CEO, Jean Mizrahi, explained how they deployed IDC's software-based Digital Cinema Client into their existing hardware present at around 3,300 cinemas across Europe. The deployment now allows them to follow the same process in their satellite and terrestrial networks and enable cost-effective expansion. Jean believes that IDC's proven software is efficient, and their collaboration has added greater value to their market reputation.

The innovative platform is incorporated with two of IDC's solution, DataCloud XD and Datacast XD. DataCloud XD is used for broadband distribution, whereas Datacast XD is used for distribution through satellite-based channels. The Digital Cinema Client offers a fully-automated management system and enables the distribution of movies, trailers, and advertisements to theaters having SuperFlex Pro Cinema hardware receivers, from a single head-end, contributing to the Digital Cinema solution effectively.

Steeve Huin, co-chief executive officer of IDC, states that their long-term strategic partnership with the leading and fastest-growing digital cinema player in the world, Ymagis has lead both organizations to the next level of the software-based products development stage, which has enabled the delivery of digital cinema files across both cloud and satellite.