How OTT Media Firms can Derive Actionable Insights into Competency

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, March 27, 2020

How OTT Media Firms can Derive Actionable Insights into Competency

Here's how the new solution provides real-time insight into the performance prospects for OTT and other media firms.      

FREMONT, CA: Earnest Research, has introduced Earnest Streaming, a Competitive Intelligence and Subscriber Insights for streaming and media services. Earnest Streaming delivers real-time insights into the performance of Over the Top (OTT) media companies like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube TV, Disney+, and others. Earnest works with excellent data partners to transform their raw data into a powerful resource for insights. With the launch of Earnest Streaming, the company covers top streaming companies, helping clients acknowledge the growth and competition sources.     

Earnest Streaming helps clients measure the health of OTT participants, open developing market trends, eventually enabling investors to capitalize on the transforming media platform. Users will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of fundamentals with the new streaming product like competitive situations, growth, and subscriber health. The company is dedicated to helping investment experts make better decisions. Earnest Streaming tracks revenue, end of period subscribers, churn, and gross additions with the tools to easily extract insights by geography, subscription type, and various customer cohorts.  

Earnest Research offers e-commerce companies, restaurants, retailers, and investment clients with essential knowledge on consumer behavior to power data-driven business decisions. With precise and near real-time data on foot traffic, sales, orders, and other purchasing trends, the company enables businesses to deeply understand consumer habits and gain valuable intelligence on market share and competitors. Earnest works with world-class data partners to revolutionize raw data into actionable insights for business and investment experts. Earnest helps its clients ask better questions and make better decisions. The company's partners leverage Earnest to create valuable products with their data assets and monetize them across Earnest's large client base.