How On-Demand Streaming Impacts Competitive Gaming

How On-Demand Streaming Impacts Competitive Gaming

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How On-Demand Streaming Impacts Competitive Gaming

As younger generations are migrating to streaming games on-demand, developers are coming up with creative ways to monetize esports.    

FREMONT, CA: A few years back, kids fighting over the joystick with few preferring to watch the gameplay, was a common sight. But, today, video game live streaming has become a multi-million dollar business in itself. Several people are enjoying the thrill of watching their favorite gamers. While developing a competitive game, developers consider the potential impacts of esports on their business. Esports, the blanket description for competitive video gaming covers both online gameplay and the viewing of tournaments online. Over the years, streaming has grown into an essential tool for active engagement, especially with games. As a result, esports has exponential growth as a new form of entertainment. Here is the overview.

Personal computer gamers have enjoyed free online play and extensive gaming libraries for a long time. These two features have led to the most considerable swell in live stream gaming ever.  Because live streaming provides a way to broadcast any live event to a massive audience, it has become essential for showcasing the highest level of esports competition. As the interest in competitive platforms grows, organizations and developers take the chance to provide viewers with a unique form of live entertainment. Many esports team and organizations use streaming to improve their potential for bringing opportunities to sponsors and users. It is common for teams to have streaming divisions to work directly with them.

 Live streaming and esports have a symbiotic relationship, and the increase in demand for competitive gaming is resulting in an increased supply live-streamed content. This is taking shape as game titles focused on competitive scenes, individual streamers broadcasting it. While live streaming and competitive gaming are here for years, there is a new alternative which could affect the growth, and that's esports on television. It has the potential to set broad demographics, attracting the older audience to venture online gaming.

The advent of esports in mobile is a huge factor contributing to the live streaming market place. Startups have already ventured with this mission with esports live streaming platform supporting in mobile devices. It is quite evident that esports is finding a home away from personal computers and traditional consoles. Simpler gameplay for mobile titles will create a less complicated viewing experience that is friendlier for audiences. Surely, the younger age audience will exhibit high mobile usage patterns for activities like online socialization, entertainment, and media consumption. A combination of features that could lead to a disruption of the current streaming landscape.

In esports streaming, there are several elements where innovative change could affect overall growth. Given the popularity of ad-blocking software among live stream viewers, subscription model could be on the horizon. The popularity of celebrity streamers is another draw for live streaming platforms. Notable personalities can attract millions of viewers while generating significant income from their viewership numbers. This revenue generation stream is also ripe for innovation. Some startups in the market are enabling viewers to contribute to crowdfunding campaigns that fund show matches between top streamers. As offerings like this grow, it could serve as a model for a new gaming landscape. Providing viewer community to fund desired content is a significant step in the evolution of live streaming in esports, which could initiate a new wave of growth and engagement.