How Latest Security Techs Help Firms Improve Security Operations?

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, June 17, 2019

Situational awareness and video surveillance analytics platforms are helping enterprises find new horizons in enterprise security operations.

FREMONT, CA: Business owners have the responsibility to make sure that every aspect of the business is safeguarded. This includes employees, buildings, inventories, and customers.  Although current security systems rely on personnel monitoring video, physical alarm activation, and manual response relays, technologies have stepped into the arena of security. Verint Systems—the IT service provider—is providing security solutions for businesses. Its Situational Awareness and Video Surveillance Analytics platform are helping companies improve their security responsiveness. Verint has designed these platforms to help security personnel achieve higher levels of security, compliance, and risk reduction. Know more about how Verint is helping businesses across the world.

The Verint Situational Awareness Platform provides unprecedented visibility and insights that power security and safety efforts for firms. By collecting actionable intelligence from virtually any number of systems and sensors including, video surveillance, access controls, parking, and mobile locations, security professionals are empowered to manage and respond to situations efficiently and share information easily with agencies, employees, or first responders. By creating a single enterprise-wide view across several systems and technologies, the Verint Situational Awareness platform enhances response time, lowers costs, and boosts operational efficiency.

The platform also includes a sophisticated forensic investigation capability to Verint Video Surveillance Analytics to help operators examine video after an incident using highly-detailed parameters.  By leveraging this advanced solution, organizations can facilitate proactive response and collaboration to effectively mitigate risks and help ensure valuable information is presented quickly and efficiently to optimize security and operations across the enterprise.

When it comes to the overall safety and security of the business, there is no better way for organizations than installing a security system. Specifically addressing the security industry’s needs with its technology platforms, Verint holds the wealth of potential for improving overall business performance by enhancing fIrms’ security posture.

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