How is Projection Mapping Enhancing Entertainment?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 20, 2019

How is Projection Mapping Enhancing Entertainment?

Adding visual value to events is getting a major boost with the latest advancements in projection mapping.

FREMONT, CA: Technologies have been making entertainment fascinating for some time now. The advent of visual technologies like projection mapping has helped media events attain high audience engagement. Projection mapping involves highly immersive displays on a variety of regular and irregular surfaces, which can add visual value to live events and functions. While there are several alternative methods like electronic displays, augmented reality, and displays rendered onto walls using conventional projectors, projection mapping scores over all of them. The ways in which projection mapping is making entertainment events lively are listed below. 

• Converting any 3D Object into Display Surface

Traditionally, video projection required flat surfaces on which projectors could create imagery. The dependence on dedicated 2D surfaces is now reducing, thanks to projection mapping. Any 3D surface can be converted into a screen for displays with the features of projection mapping, and anything, ranging from simple stage background to full-scale videos can be displayed conveniently. Depending on the theme of events, organizers can today add visual elements that help engage audiences better. 

• Portability and Flexibility

Display equipment like LED panels is a liability when conducting live events. Transporting and installing them can be full of hassles and extra costs. On the other hand, projection mapping technology requires the projector and information regarding the surfaces to be used. The projection mapping software takes care of the rest and entitles event organizers to arrange programs within short spans of time with the least hurdles. Additionally, projection mapping eliminates the need for customized props for each event, thereby reducing investments. 

• Creating Engaging 3D Experiences

While 3D glasses have been the gateway to immersive worlds of movies and entertainment for a long time now, projection mapping is set to change that. With projection mapping, audiences get to experience 3D visuals without the aid of 3D glasses. Such 3D displays can captivate viewers and make entertainment events come alive.

Projection mapping is redefining live entertainment with its incredible features and its cost-effective functionalities.

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