How Innovative Application Changes Social Media Communication Ways?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, November 08, 2019

How Innovative Application Changes Social Media Communication Ways?

This new mobile application can radically transform the way we communicate through social media channels.

FREMONT, CA:  MashApp, a social media and video platform, launches a revolutionary mobile application that can change the ways of socializing digitally. The application introduces new ways for users to communicate in private groups, via interactive and creative groups. The innovative application allows the users to move away from the passive consumption associated with traditional social media platforms and step into a virtual world of video interactions.

As social media are global platforms for accessible communication and interactions, it tends to neglect the emotional elevation, which is shared during the genuine human exchange. MashApp allows the users to craft their profile pages, avoid influencers egging on users feeds, eliminate the gaming systems for likes, absolutely no bots clogging the scene and no brands to disturb. The company believes that interaction spirit comes with user-created threaded video plus the interjection of every frame, which provides an opportunity to respond and make a punchline. The applications' outcome is joyful, as it allows collaborative storytelling and honest interaction opportunities. This innovative application is to change the ways people socialize online from being force-fed inactive followers to creative and participatory inventors.

The company provides unique opportunities to indulge and interact, where users can be themselves, experience fun and smooth sharing facilities among each other. The resulting interactions like a warm game night with friends can produce a hilarious exchange of punch lines and create memorable moments. This application is deeply interactive, where users can joke and riffle around with their groups throughout the day according to their convenience. Users can record their video input and avail the option to insert it anywhere in the thread of the existing video, which they have chosen to participate in. The entirely collaborative, generally comic, and always emotionally gratifying ensue can creat revolution in the digital communication sector.

MashApp, the video, and social stage, offers easier and simpler ways to socialize with each other via a collaborative flow of entertainment and fulfilling video punchlines. Started in Silicon Valley, the application aims to transform the early online socializing ways.

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