How Innovation-Driven Solutions Revolutionize Event Management?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, November 15, 2019

How Innovation-Driven Solutions Revolutionize Event Management?

Innovative event management tools and applications enable event pros to bring revolutionary impact on event planning and managing.

FREMONT, CA: Measuring sales at marketing events proves to be the easiest way to track the ROI. The marketing event industry is experiencing a great future with the support of the rapidly emerging innovations. Today, event management has become a tech-driven affair, which contributes to adding values to the existing business strategies. Below are some event tech trends that every event pros should consider utilization.

• Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology significantly marks the event industry, as a lot of brands are using this technology in a lot of creative ways. This advanced technology proves to be the best for attendee management, behavior mapping, audience engagement, and event security management, which are the primary concern for high profile brands.

• Event Data

In-depth data are a great assistant in strategizing and improving the events. Increasing reliance on event data to standardizing the data security systems has become a priority for event managers. Tech-driven data security plans have already initiated various data regulation policies. In the upcoming years, the event data and data security are going to hold significant importance for event managers.

• Radio Frequency Identification

Its utilization of wearable technology starts with events such as concerts and music festivals. Wearables integrated with radiofrequency identification are gaining massive popularity from recent years in the event industry. From attendee mapping to event booking, radiofrequency identification-powered wearable bands and other gadgets promise significant benefits in the future of events.

• Mobile Application

Mobile applications are already mainstream in the vent industry. From mobile event apps to let attendees access event details instantly, events management systems are going smarter. Event-specific mobile applications offer information, schedule, exclusive event networking features, and more directly to the users’ hands, making the experience more satisfying. Event app developers focus on combining technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence to engage attendees and generate leads.

Event tech trends are rapidly evolving with emerging technology trends. However, technology majorly contributes to shaping the early ways of event planning and management. Today, the event tech trends are listed at the top of the industries, taking full advantage of new technologies.

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