How Has Technology Improved Principal Aspects of Film Making?

Pamela Morgan, Media&Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The significant impact of technology has completely simplified and broadened the scope of movie making, movie watching, and doing business with movies. 

FREMONT, CA: Technology has made a paradigm-shifting impact on the film industry and all its operations, including sound engineering and post-production and marketing aspects.

Movie making is an extremely difficult task involving several processes, procedures, and skills. Moreover, since it consists of the work of too many accomplished professionals, technicians, and artists, it requires enormous cost and several concerns, comprising intellectual property rights. With the help of mobile computing and several other technologies, several changes took place, thereby impacting all aspects of filmmaking.


When considering the post-production stage, the effectiveness of the digital medium looks notably winning over the old school films. With the editing job with the raw film, the risk of film waste is always a matter of concern. Editing errors often lead to the dropping of scenes entirely from the movie. With the help of a digital medium, the editor can make many errors and correct them. Moreover, the digital medium easily permits by adding special effects, audiovisual treatments to the uncut raw material that has shot.


Technology has made an impact on the cost of filmmaking. The raw material film is now replaced as a digital option to shoot, store, and preserve movies that have arrived. Using films is now known to be too expensive an option for any movie project. The digitally combined cameras help to complete the movie's production in minimal time than the film cameras. Therefore the digital format brings down the cost by more accessible storage, preservation, and distribution.


While the big studios continue to rely upon the traditional distribution process, they can now connect people far and wide with the help of using the internet. The emergence of multiplexes that showed international movies from different parts of the globe added a massive opportunity to the old model of distribution. But when it comes to indie filmmakers, a new genre of online distribution channels like Netflix and YouTube made it very easy for the filmmakers to get viewers beyond the traditional theatres.

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