How Entertainment Tech trends are Paving the way for Transformations

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, November 07, 2019

How Entertainment Tech trends are Paving the way for Transformations

Generally speaking, the entertainment industry is the most effective way to introduce new technologies to customers. Here are some facets of innovation that shift the entertainment industry drastically.

FERMONT, CA: Technological advancements have influenced most industries, and entertainment is no exception. Over the past two decades, the entertainment industry has undergone explosive growth, making it one of the fastest emerging industries. Dish networks and cables are still common among many users, but live streaming pay-for-services supplement it. Here are some aspects of technology that will radically change the entertainment industry.

Improved Options of Choosing Entertainment

Users have the choice of getting and paying for what they need in the way of entertainment. It poses a huge challenge for traditional satellite and cable companies as they continue offering sets of TV channels that subscribers don't want. The only reason people are still using such products is that they are always bundled with their internet services. This issue will also be a question of the past once the 5G internet services are available again.

VPNs as New-Gen Security

Connected TVs are still continuing in most households. A study revealed that about 46 million U.S. households already have Smart TVs, and this year's figure is expected to grow substantially. Using the stick technology, even regular TVs can now be stratified. Privacy and security issues with the use of these sticks are concerns expressed by some users. Users can use various FireStick VPNs to mask an IP address and secure the identity and information of the user.

Tech-Driven Voice Commanding

Every day, voice technology and its uses are increasing. Users prefer to use voice command instead of typing the whole thing to listen to their favorite music. Since voice interactions are becoming more prominent, consumer preferences are moving to smart home devices and tandem-operated streaming services.

The tech-based change in the entertainment business is only in its infancy. Any company engaged in offering entertainment services to consumers has a lot of difficulties to address if it is to stay ahead in the market place.

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