How does Hybridizing Cloud and CDN Help Media Firms?

Pamela Morgan, Media and Entertainment Tech outlook | Monday, April 05, 2021

Cloud-based CDNs will enable a media firm to leverage the combined capability of the cloud’s flexibility feature as well as a CDN’s agility. 

FREMONT, CA: Along with the constant evolution of the internet as well as its applications, content delivery network (CDNs) have gained traction. The cloud-based content delivery network is the latest advancement catching the attention of industrials. The cloud-based CDN seems futuristic as it takes data and files away from PCs and local desktops to the modern data centers. Such a capability will make the files easily accessible and convertible in case of service demands over the networks. 

A CDN offers a delivery platform for vast amounts of content using a server located near to the requesting user. Cloud computing can easily scale application resources efficiently in this context. Further, cloud computing can offer high scalability, especially as it can process large amounts of data. With an increase in the number of users, CDN finds it difficult to accommodate them due to its limited storage space and lack of IT infrastructure. On the other hand, cloud computing is vulnerable to high traffic, which can cause congestion.

Alternatively, combing CDNs and clouds can address both these shortcomings. Thus, cloud computing, coupled with CDN, tends to cover the vulnerabilities of the present-day network through powerful and advanced service capabilities. Further, this combination builds a more resilient and reliable delivery strategy for applications and content than depending on just one of them. The use of both systems can overcome a singular failure point in the application and content delivery via efficient and smart usage of resources. 

Collaborating with a managed service provider that offers cloud-based CDN could be highly advantageous for firms. Such a service capability will enable the firms to leverage both CDN as well as cloud computing, thereby offering fast and reliable content to the consumers across the globe.

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