How does DAM Add Value to Content Management?

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

With DAM, media enterprises are discovering new potentials pertaining to asset management.

FREMONT, CA: DAM is a process of creating, storing, and retrieving media in digital formats. Businesses also use it to manage permissions and rights for digital assets. Digital content is valuable for companies. DAM involves creating a safe depository for these assets and enables the preservation of files in digital formats. Hence, many companies are looking to invest in DAM. With an informed approach, enterprises can select the best DAM solutions.

Various categories of DAM, together with other emerging technologies, are transforming the legacy models and helping businesses stay ahead in the competition; however, it is still in a developmental phase. Rather than manually doing the job of collecting and marking the stored data, companies are now deploying artificial intelligence-backed solutions. AI can scour through data much faster and apply generic tags. The ability of DAM to do analytics is of utmost value. This is so because the content is meaningful only when they can be linked to products and services in a way that enhances business revenue.

Video is becoming a popular medium of communication, as it attracts consumers easily. DAMs should be evaluated based on their support for various video formats. The videos generate a range of sentiments among viewers and are immersive. Collaborating with video generation platforms also helps companies. Another essential aspect to keep in mind is that of creativity. DAM must support content atomization, which facilitates content reuse. It operates by letting firms combine existing material to develop an optimized workflow.

DAM is making content management a convenient process for many enterprises. Optimal strategies regarding investment and use of DAM will empower media and entertainment organizations that have to handle a high volume of digital content.

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