How Content Creators Can Avoid Wasting Video Content

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 04, 2021

How Content Creators Can Avoid Wasting Video Content

Video is here to stay, so firms must embrace video management to help enhance the effectiveness and ROI of the video content.

FREMONT, CA: Worldwide, marketers see the value and power of video marketing. It is not surprising why; over 100 million hours of video are watched each day on social media platforms alone. Video is now something that most consumers demand to see and communicate with. So, people know video is a seamless way of engaging with potential customers. But it also can be incredibly expensive. These are all considerations that creators must contemplate when increasing the value of their content. So how can content creators avoid wasting their resources?

The challenge of housing video content is so disruptive that it can often discourage firms from including video in their marketing strategies. Ensuring firms are set up to search for content is an essential first step in managing the volume of files available. Metadata is a tool when managing content; it enables users to use a fully searchable media library. It can be inscribed within media assets to generate searchable entries. A good media management platform can pick out footage featuring a castle and either manually or automatically tag this footage accordingly.

Storing content should be done carefully to minimize costs and guarantee freedom to access content when required. When required, a cloud-based media management solution can be expanded with no additional investment, letting businesses flexibly expand storage potentials. A purely on-premise solution needs far more planning due to the need for hardware. It mitigates the need to purchase more hardware just in case firms may need it in the future. A pay-as-you-go cloud system works best for teams with changing libraries as it allows them to pay for what’s required at that time.

A challenge presented by video is the size of the files, specifically when people look to the future with 8K looming. Large files can make it complex to share for collaboration, uploading and downloading content taking hours for large files. A clever media management system is the solution; placing files into the cloud, meaning it is cheaper and boosts workflows. Users can edit content in proxy mode and return the content to the original user.

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