How Cloud-Based Asset Management Helps Media Enterprises?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, December 09, 2019

How Cloud-Based Asset Management Helps Media Enterprises?

Cloud-based asset management solution transforms the media business performance by modernizing content protection and publication techniques.       

FREMONT, CA: The continually evolving methods for media content distribution and interaction channels boost the competitive level in the media and entertainment industry. To meet the customer demands for next-generation content viewing experiences, content producers and distributors need to focus on upgrading their assets or installing new assets. Upgrading media assets can bring revolutionary changes in the workflow and contribute to standardizing the quality of production. Advanced technology like cloud-based media asset management can help the professionals to take a unified approach and manage the entire asset lifecycle.     

Cloud-based asset management solutions can help media professionals boost the security level of their content distribution channels. Today, content piracy is the biggest concern of media producers; hence, emerging digital asset management solutions can automate the detection of distribution channels’ vulnerable area and let the professionals fix it instantly. Cloud-based asset management solutions can provide an all-around view of the condition of every asset in a media production company. As cloud streamlines the collaborative and communicative processes, media professionals get an instant status of asset efficiencies.    

Cloud-based asset management solutions can effectively reduce data storage costs, as technology can provide extendable and cost-effective data storage spaces.  The cloud-based solution offers secure data storage space, which is easy to access and share with multiple departments, making the content publications more convenient to publish across different channels. A cloud-based asset management solution is easy to use, as it provides scalability for business growth.

Most media companies have different branch offices across the globe, which are often tough to manage. Deployment of cloud-based asset management solutions helps the media company to stay updated about the asset performance, and instantly handle situations in case of asset failure in any location.  

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